• The Spectacular Indonesian Bamboos

The spectacular Indonesian Bamboos is an account of the rich diversity of bamboos in the Indonesian archipelago. It provides descriptions of 15 important bamboo species that were suggested as priorities in the 'National Strategy and Action Plan for Conversation and Sustainable Use of Bamboos in Indonesia' published by the Government of Indonesia in 1998.

The history of Indonesian bamboo studies is elaborated and the general and specialised uses of bamboo in Indonesia, from building construction to the crafting of children's toys, are described and illustrated. This book also touches on the role of bamboo in Indonesia's cultural diversity; bamboos used to figure significantly from childbirth untul death in traditional life. The selection of species highlighted includes descriptions of their morphological characters, distribution and uses. The properties of selected species and guidelines for culm preservation are discussed, including traditional preservation techniques practised by the local people.

The future prospect of selected bamboo species is also examined.

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Jenis Cover Art Carton (SC)
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Tahun Terbit 2019

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The Spectacular Indonesian Bamboos

  • Penulis: Elizabeth A. Widjaja
  • Ketersediaan: Tersedia
  • Rp.400.000

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