• The National Parks of Indonesia
The National Park of Indonesia is a book that we must read when we want to explore the 55 national parks that cover an area of more than 16 million hectares, its history of gazettement, geographic setting, beauty, uniqueness of ecosystems, habitat of flora and fauna, and abundance of ecotourism sites. The book was written by Indonesia’s living legend in biological conservation, Prof  Jatna Supriatna (Universitas Indonesia) and Prof Chris Margules (James Cook University). This book is a comprehensive guidebook showing to the readers and the world how the magnificence of Indonesia’s archipelagos as a center of mega biodiversity combined by the richness in culture of local communities and their local wisdom. That is why many national parks have been declared World Heritage Sites and Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO, ASEAN Heritage, Ramsar Site, and Global Geopark.

Dr. Wiratno
Director General of Natural Resources Conservation and Ecosystem (KSDAE) of
the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, 2017-2022

A strategic management approach serve to strengthen efforts in achieving sustainable development. By preserving outstanding biodiversity, National Parks play pivotal role to support economic, social and culture as well as life of humans. The tourism trends emphasize quality experience, thus, national park has more resources that can be value of attractions like wildlife, natural life, local community life, etc. The management of National park therefore, become an important element to ensure that biodiversity is well maintained in supporting tourism development that impact positively to people, planet & prosperity. This book presents the wealth as well as the uniqueness of Indonesia’s biodiversity in National Parks. This book also navigate the key success of the sustainable development by having the involvement of the local community. Through this book, Prof. Jatna highlights that local community engagement as determinant factor for the effective and sustainable management of National Parks. A sustainable tourism development firmly encourage  the quality of  the nature, socio culture and environment. This book provides a set of knowledge, lessons learnt and applauds best practice on how to preserve the biodiversity and tourism ecosystem that become essential resources of  the National Parks as a part of tourism ecosystem development approach towards quality and sustainable development.

Dr. Frans Teguh, MA
CHE-Senior Advisor for Sustainable Development and Conservation
Act. Deputy for Resources and Institutions, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Indonesia
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ISBN 978-623-321-175-8
Dimensi 16 x 24 cm
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Tahun Terbit 2022
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The National Parks of Indonesia

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