• Regional Development in Indonesia

This book contains selected papers presented in the Second IRSA International Institute held in Bogor, 21-23 July, 2009. They report important findings from the studies in three big issues of regional development in Indonesia: Problems of Regional Development (Poverty, Unemployment, Disparities, and Sustainability), Political Economic of Regional Development (Spatial Planning and Fiscal Policies, and Prospect of Regional Development (Optimizing Partnership and Local Potential Resources).

D.S. Priyarsono & Ernan Rustiadi (Editor)


As one can read the papers of this book, the problem of regional development in Indonesia is very diverse. Each region has its particular potential and problems. As the Minister of National Development Planning I hope each district can identify and  explore the potential and problems of their regions. In this way, the advantanges of these areas can then be taken in synergy with one another. Eventually, the ultimate goal of regional developmnet is the creation of integrated domestic economy strength.

Armida S. Alisjahbana

President of Indonesia Regional Science Association (IRSA)

Minister of National Development Planning

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Regional Development in Indonesia

  • Penulis: D.S. Priyarsono dan Ernan Rustiadi (ed)
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