• Field Guide to the Primates of Indonesia

This book is the first to describe thoroughly the primate species and their habitats in Indonesia. I strongly recommend this book be a guide for researchers and students alike to understand our primate species in the wild. Professor Supriatna’s in-depth research on primates and other animals in the jungle of Indonesia, will bring a greater understanding of our nature including even a new primate found recently and named after him.

Prof. Dr. Satryo S. Brodjonegoro, Chairman, Indonesian Academy of Sciences


The modern human, Homo sapiens, holds a unique position among the Order Primates. Today, the modern human is the only extant form of the genus Homo. Only he or she can determine whether he or she wishes to become the only remaining member of the Order Primates. Dr. Jatna Supriatna’s Field Guide to the Primates of Indonesia will not only serve as a useful tool to both new and seasoned primatologists, but it will hopefully encourage all to proactively contribute to the continued existence of the vast diversity of our closest living relatives.

 Dr. Ramesh Boonratana, Editor, Asian Primates Journal

Proud to have this new field guide on Indonesia’s primates published and written by the University of Indonesia’s foremost wildlife scientist. We should preserve those primates as priceless while we learn to live with and come to understand what they mean to humanity.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Haris, Dean, Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences, Universitas Indonesia

Portraits and profiles of 61 species of primates, 79 overall when including their subspecies, are provided in this rich and informative guide for the world’s third ranking country for primate diversity. An invaluable source to observe, study, and protect Indonesia’s fabulously rich and unique, but so imperilled, primate communities and their forests.


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ISBN 978-602-433-773-5
Dimensi 14,5 x 21 cm
Berat 490 gram
Jumlah Halaman xiv + 230
Tahun Terbit 2019

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Field Guide to the Primates of Indonesia

  • Penulis: Jatna Supriatna
  • Ketersediaan: Tersedia
  • Rp.120.000

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