• Jali Merah: Dari berbagai tuturan biografis Gunawan Wiradi

Gunawan Wiradi has long been an internationally known researcher on agrarian change, agrarian politics, and agrarian social science in Indonesia and a leading voice for agrarian reform. Among some communities of intellectuals and activists, his name is legendary, associated with rigorous, foundational, and ethical research and teaching. Perhaps more than anyone in or outside Indonesia, Gunawan Wiradi has focused his scholarly and activist attention on the continuing inequities in land distribution in Java. He has been committed to finding agrarian reform mechanism that will help the rural poor.

Nancy Lee Peluso, Professor and Chair, Division of Society and Environment, University of California, Berkeley

Mr. Gunawan Wiradi an Indonesian leading intellectual who has great experience and ample knowledge about the problems related to the agrarian reform. He was giving a great and lifetime contribution to the development of study on agrarian problems in Indonesia.

Hiroyoshi Kano, D. Ec, Professor of the Institute of Oriental Culture, University of Tokyo

For more than four decades, Gunawan Wiradi has been at the forefront of efforts to bring about greater social and economic justice in Indonesia through agrarian reform. Through his incisive and courageous writings and practical engagements, he kept the flame and the promise of agrarian reform alive during an extremely repressive phase of Indonesia history. Just as he played a formative role for my generation of student, in the 1990s, Gunawan Wiradi was also a major source of inspiration for a new generation of younger scholars and activists, helping to reignite interest in agrarian reform.

Gillian Hart, Professor of Geography and Chair of Development Studies, University of California, Berkeley

I have known him for more than four decades and have always admired his endeavours to highlight a wide variety of agrarian issues both in his scholarly studies as well as in the public domain. His outstanding contribution in academic meetings (conference, workshop as well as class room teaching) are paralleled by his dedication to reach out to a wider audience which led him to share his scholarly expertise with the staff of NGOs. All these efforts have added to his widely acclaimed reputation as a public intellectual.

Jan Breeman, Profesor Emeritus and Fellow of the Amsterdam School for Social Science Research

GWR seorang aktivis dan pejuang tulen. Sebagai seorang pejuang, api semangat yang menyala menerangi orang-orang di sekelilingnya termasuk saya sebagai pemula. Dalam dunia kita sekarang, hampir tidak pernah saya menemukan seorang akademisi sekaligus pejuang sejati seperti itu.

Saiful Bahari, Aktivis Reforma Agraria

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Jali Merah: Dari berbagai tuturan biografis Gunawan Wiradi

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