• Working in A Magic Land: Helping to Bring National Satellite Communication to Indonesia

 Walter Peterson gets involved in building the INDONESIAN NATIONAL SATELLITE COMMUNICATION during the 1970-s. This so called PALLAPA System initially consists of Satellite, Control facilities and 40 earth stations, that cover the world's biggest archipelago, from Merauke in the East to Banda Aceh in North West Sumatra. After successful launch of Palap A-1 Peterson helps establishing the groud network. He visits most of the 40 stations, brings them on line, and by doing so he gets acquainted with most parts of Indonesia. After teh Palapa Satellite network is established, he gets involved maintaining and later in expanding the system.

Because of his many travels he also gets involved in many romantic affairs. In Sorong he meets dark beautiful Nelly, whom he loves, looses, then searches for her again.

The story is about Hughes Aircraft Co Engineers, who toil under the tropical sun, to bring modern satellite communication to a magic land, that has its own customs, belieffs and traditions.


Info Buku
ISBN 978-979-461-739-7
Dimensi 14,5 x 21 cm
Jenis Cover Softcover
Jenis Kertas Book Paper
Berat 400 gram
Jumlah Halaman 208 halaman
Tahun Terbit 2005
Penerbit Yayasan Obor Indonesia

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Working in A Magic Land: Helping to Bring National Satellite Communication to Indonesia

  • Penulis: Klaus G. Johannsen
  • Ketersediaan: Tersedia
  • Rp.120.000

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