• Papua Road Map (edisi Bahasa Inggris)
The sources of the Papua conflict are grouped into four sets of issues.

First, is the problem of the marginalization of indigenous Papuans, and the discriminatory impacts on them resulting from the economic development of, political conflicts in, and mass migrations to Papua since 1970. To respond to this problem, an affirmative policy of recognition must be developed to empower indigenous Papuans.

The second issue is the failure of development, particularly in the fields of education, health, and people's economic empowerment. This requires a new paradigm of development, focused on improving public services for the welfare of indigenous Papuans in the villages.

The third main problem is the contradictions that exist between Papuan and Jakartan constructions of political identity and history. This problem can only be settled through dialogue, along the lines of the dialogue that was conducted for Aceh.

The fourth issue is accountability for past state violence toward Indonesian citizens in Papua. For this, a road to reconciliation must be cleared, on which courts of human rights and the disclosure of the truth are the means of choice for law and justice to be upheld in Papua, for the victims and their families in particular, and all Indonesian citizens of Papua in general.

The above four issues and agendas can be woven together to form a mutually interrelated policy strategy for comprehensive long-term resolution of the Papuan conflict. 

The atmosphere of Reformasi, and the existence of the accommodative Law No. 21/2001 on Special Autonomy (UU Otsus), a responsive central government, as well as the very large size of Papua's budget, lead the LIPI team to have faith that the problems of Papua can be resolved with justice, peace and dignity
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Papua Road Map (edisi Bahasa Inggris)

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