• Foreign Direct Investment: an update
Bahar & Partners was founded in October 1992. Since its founding, Bahar & Partners is focused on providing legal services in the field of corporate laws. In line with its specialization in the field of corporate laws, the mission of Bahar & Partners is to develop a highly competent legal consultant office, to strive, commit, and be respomsive in providing the utmost legal services to its clients. 
Bahar & Partners ia a full-service law firm and areas of practice include:
1. Investment and Natural Resources
2. Infrastructure
3. Securities, Banking and Finance
4.Governance, Business Competition, and Commercial  Disputes
5. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
6. Aviation and Maritime
Bahar & Partners' Investment and natural Resources Practice Group has extensive experience in representing various clients in investment area. Our Investment team has experience and expertise in acting on complex, high value, cross-border transactions as well as a range of smaller transactions. Our experience helps us develop creativity and workable solutions in solving client problems in their business activities.
We serve many of major companies from various business sectors in connection with their most complex and important business transactions. We offer integrated legal services for potential foreign investors planning to invest in Indonesia. In fact, foreign investment is the original specialization of the firm. Our clients will benefit from consistent experience and the quality we provide.
Bahar & Partners' Investment and Natural Resources Practice Group has special expertise in:
A. Investment
B. Mining
C. Oil and Gas
D. Plantation and Forestry
The details of our profile and our credentials can be found in our website: www.baharandpartners.com
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Foreign Direct Investment: an update

  • Penulis: Bahar & Partners (ed.)
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