• Ethics In Social Science Research In Indonesia

"There are not many books on ethics that are currently available, especially in Indonesia. This book comes to fill that gap. A commendable book that researchers should read, especially when there is more and more research on human behavior. It is a stupendous work."

  M. Chatib Basri, 

Executive Director, IBER

Minister of  Finance  of the Republic of Indonesia 2013-2014

“This book addresses an important set of issues in the context of Indonesia, a large developing country in Southeast Asia. Most work on research ethics has originated in the developed world; the strength of this book is that it relates the large international literature to the specific problems which Indonesian researchers are likely to face, especially in the social sciences. It deserves a wide readership both in Indonesia and in other parts of the world.”

  Anne Booth, 

Professor Emeritus, SOAS, University of London

"In a world full of fake news, corrupt bureaucracies, and inequitable judgements it is vital that the training of rising generations of social scientists contains thorough grounding in ethics. This volume should be required reading in all teaching programs, and a valuable addition on the desk of all graduates wishing to pursue a career in the social research professions.”

  Terence H. Hull, 

Emeritus Professor of Demography, The Australian National University

“Reading this book is an eye-opening experience. Mayling Oey Gardiner presents novelty by discussing ethics in social science research on current issues such as big data, internet-based research, and environmental research. This book can guide academics and decision-makers to define boundaries and consider the impact of social research.”

  Rhenald Kasali Ph.D, 

Founder Rumah Perubahan

Professor of Management, University of Indonesia

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Ethics In Social Science Research In Indonesia

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